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Stuck at 6.5 ๐Ÿ˜• ?

In 2024, students get to Band 7 using tools, not information. Band 7 is the minimum for immigrating to Canada, UK and Australia.

Passive learning sucks ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป

Watching videos, giving mock tests over and over again is only practicing the same mistakes repeatedly.

Wuru Zeka magic ๐Ÿช„

Using personalized learning, AI not only fixes your weaknesses, but also reinforces your strengths.

How it works ?

1. Diagnosis

We use the latest in natural language processing (NLP) and automated speech recognition (ASR) to get deeper insights into your skill levels.

2. Treatment

We leverage bleeding edge advancements in learning science to build short modules that you can finish in less than 20 minutes a day.

3. Re-evaluation

Our A.I. and IELTS certified teachers work together to assess the effect of treatment in step 2 and go back to step 1 with new set of exercises that help you take your skills to the next level.

learning as a loop

Learning as a lp, not a line



Most difficult to get a high score on

Transferring your thoughts in a structured way isn't enough. One needs to show use of complex grammar, lexical diversity and hundred other things. Our AI assesses your writing style and teaches you to break bad habits and build new ones.


Another difficult task

Once we assess your speaking level. We provide self-paced conversation modules. This improves confidence and teaches you the art of discourse.


Tests comprehension skills

Candidate needs to understand the text beyond just fact retrieval. This requires sound reading comprehension skills and the vocabulary required to understand it.


Easy to score high but full marks is tricky

We train your ear to listen to the types of information asked in IELTS tests. Different accents, speed, pitch and cultural dialects are some of the ways listening tests will test your ability. e.g. know what corner of 5th and 8th means ?


I had been struggling with my IELTS band score for quite some time before I discovered Wuru Zeka. The AI + Human service provided by them has been a game-changer. The personalized study plan and regular feedback from the mentors helped me identify and correct my weak areas. Highly recommended!


Wuru Zeka has been a fantastic resource for me to improve my IELTS band score. The AI-driven study materials are tailored to my needs, and the human mentors provide valuable guidance and feedback. I've seen a great improvement in my speaking and writing skills. Thank you, Wuru Zeka!


I cannot thank Wuru Zeka enough for helping me identify my weaknesses and work on them. I am now much more confident in my English skills and feel prepared for my future studies abroad.


Wuru Zeka is an amazing platform for improving one's IELTS performance. My score went from 6 to 8.5, would highly recommend it to anyone looking to achieve their target IELTS band score.


I am incredibly grateful for Wuru Zeka's assistance. The support from the human mentors have been invaluable in identifying my weak areas and providing targeted practice to overcome them. My score has improved tremendously.


Outstanding experience in improving my IELTS band score and would highly recommend Wuru Zeka to anyone looking to achieve their IELTS goals.


I am thrilled with my IELTS score improvement, thanks to Wuru Zeka!


Saved me from giving IELTS the third time!

Thousands of happy students improved their band scores to 7+

๐Ÿ’ฐ Pricing

  • Comprehensive progress tracking and personalized study plan

  • 3 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations

  • Includes 6 writing and 3 speaking evaluation by IELTS certified teachers

  • Personalized feedback on writing and speaking tasks from expert IELTS instructors

  • Pay minimal for further evaluations only if needed

  • Unlimited practice from a pool of 1000+ exercises with AI tutor.

  • 100% satisfaction peace-of-mind money back guarantee

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