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Not only does the traditional way lacks the idea of tackling IELTS, they also fail considerably in coaching a student based on their calibre. Our innovative approach decides the models, excercises, practice sets, number and type of sessions required for a student based on their specific needs.

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Artificial Intelligence at core

We are a science oriented company, that means we quantify each aspect of our decision making and measure using real world data. We are data-driven in everything we do!

    We use a combination of following disciplines of Machine learning (ML):
  • Natural language processing (NLP) to read your written tests and generate the right content for you

  • Automated speech recognition (ASR) to listen and analyse your speech to identify areas of improvement

  • Recommendation systems just like e-commerce sites but instead to suggest the right set of questions to you

  • Learning science to make sure you are learning with every session and to adaptively help you revise content that you might be ready to forget e.g. vocabulary


This is one of the most difficult tasks to get good score on. It also is given higher weight when evaluating your profile by universities and countries. You not only have to be good at discourse but also lexical range, task efficiency, grammar and hunderds of other things. Just recording and listening doesn't give enough feedback and 1:1 tutoring is costly to happen at higher frequency as required. We bridge that gap by only bringing in IELTS certified teachers when needed, that means you can get unlimited feedback via AI while in background the AI lets the teacher know when help is required. This saves cost and allows you to practice to your hearts content.


Transferring your thoughts in a structured way isn't enough. One needs to show use of complex grammar, lexical diversity and hundred other things. Our AI assesses your writing style and teaches you to break bad habits and build new ones.


We train your ear to listen to the types of information asked in IELTS tests. Different accents, speed, pitch and cultural dialects are some of the ways listening tests will test your ability. e.g. know what corner of 5th and 8th means ?


It's easier to score high on reading but not full. You're not alone, and happens to everyone. Average scores for reading are high but only a few get full. This is because of sub-optimal comprehension skills or not being able to understand the context due to complex vocabulary. Our AI provides you with short snippets and asks questions which improves your comprehension. These snippets are special because they are generated especially for you based on your weaknesses.

Key Features

Personalized learning

Not only is the content personal to you, we also ramp up the excercises as the exam day reaches closer to optimize your target band scores.

Artifical Intelligence

We use the latest in NLP, ASR and learning science to get deeper insights into your skills level. We build short modules that you can finish in less than 20 minutes.

1:1 tutoring

Our A.I. and IELTS certified teachers work together to decide what is best for you. However, in case you need 1:1 help, our teachers are here to offer support.

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