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about us

We're a team of machine learning engineers, data scientists, learning science researchers and awesome teachers.

Our mission is to develop novel ways of imparting education using Artificial Intelligence

WuruZeka was initially developed by graduates from MIT, Harvard and CMU. The platform is backed by 10,000+ hours of instructional design that our Artifical Intelligence has learned from. This allows WuruZeka to surface core weaknesses and reinforce existing strengths for students from all walks of life.

After proving value for this subset of students, we expanded our technology to general audience who can use our AI to improve themselves as well!

As for our name, the term Wuru Zeka stems from two languages. Wuru means Artificial in an indigenous African language and Zeka means Intelligence in Turkish. Together they form Artifical Intelligence which is the core technology behind our success.

Wuru Zeka
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Your ultimate online destination for IELTS General Test prep! Expert-curated courses, tips, articles, full mock tests, and evaluations from certified IELTS tutors. #LearnWithWuruzeka

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