Linking words for IELTS Essays

Use of the right linking words makes all the difference.

Linking words for IELTS Essays
Skylar Geidt
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Linking words are essential for connecting ideas and improving the flow of your essay.

Here's a list categorized by their functions:

1. Adding Information

These words add information or ideas. Examples include:

  1. Additionally

  2. Furthermore

  3. Moreover

  4. In addition

  5. Also

  6. Likewise

  7. Furthermore

2. Contrasting Ideas

These words show a difference or contradiction between ideas. Examples include:

  1. However

  2. On the other hand

  3. Nevertheless

  4. Nonetheless

  5. Conversely

  6. In contrast

  7. Although

3. Showing Cause and Effect

These words indicate a cause-and-effect relationship between ideas. Examples include:

  1. Therefore

  2. Consequently

  3. As a result

  4. Thus

  5. Hence

  6. Accordingly

  7. For this reason

4. Giving Examples

These words introduce examples or illustrations to support a point. Examples include:

  1. For example

  2. For instance

  3. Such as

  4. Namely

5. Sequencing Ideas

These words indicate the order or sequence of ideas. Examples include:

  1. Firstly, secondly, thirdly

  2. Next

  3. Then

  4. Afterward

  5. Subsequently

  6. Finally

  7. Ultimately

6. Summarizing or Concluding

These words signal a summary or conclusion of ideas. Examples include:

  1. In conclusion

  2. To sum up

  3. Overall

  4. In summary

  5. All in all

  6. Therefore

7. Providing Emphasis

These words emphasize a point or idea. Examples include:

  1. Indeed

  2. Certainly

  3. Undoubtedly

  4. Of course

8. Clarifying or Explaining

These words clarify or restate a point. Examples include:

  1. In other words

  2. That is to say

  3. To clarify

  4. Put another way

9. Illustrating Similarity / Agreement / Confirmation

These words express agreement with a previous point or confirm a statement. Examples include:

  1. Similarly

  2. Likewise

  3. Equally

10. Illustrating Difference / Disagreement / Contradiction

These words express disagreement with a previous point or contradict a statement. Examples include:

  1. In comparison

  2. Conversely

  3. On the contrary

11. Transition

These words signal a shift to a different idea or topic. Examples include:

  1. Moving on

  2. Turning to

  3. Shifting Gears

  4. With regard to

12. Time Sequence

These words indicate the order of events or actions in time. Examples include:

  1. First, second, third

  2. Before, After, Later

  3. Meanwhile

  4. Subsequently

13. Introducing Examples

These words help in giving examples of related scenarios. Examples include:

  1. Such as

  2. For instance

  3. For example

  4. In particular

These are just some examples, and there are many more. The key is to use them appropriately and in moderation to enhance the coherence and clarity of your essay.

Published on February 28th, 2024 by Skylar Geidt

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